Trianon Hotels | Why You Should Choose Naples for Your Next Florida Vacation
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Why You Should Choose Naples for Your Next Florida Vacation

You’ve probably already heard of Naples, Florida – maybe as the happiest, healthiest city in the United States for two years running. But that’s only one many reasons why Naples would be the perfect backdrop for your next visit to Southwest Florida. When planning a Florida vacation, Naples checks all of the must-have boxes: white sand beaches, amazing weather, fresh seafood, etc. But what makes the city of Naples a cut above the rest?

Keep reading for five reasons why you need to book a vacation to Naples, FL ASAP.

1. Illustrious Local History

Although Naples is a relatively young city, its local history runs deep. Naples was founded in the late 1880s by a former Confederate general and senator and his business partner. Its name caught on due to the many comparisons to the Italian Peninsula, claiming it was even better. Naples is rich with culture and home to many museums with topics across the board. From classic art museums like the Baker Museum to fun, kid-friendly museums like Golisano Children’s Museum. The heart of the city, the Naples Pier, even has a story of its own.

2. Fishing & Award-Winning Golf Courses

Naples is one of the best places in Southwest Florida for leisure sports. One of the reasons Naples, Florida was given its name after Naples, Italy was because of the abundance of fish in the area. From deep sea fishing to small rivers and creeks, the area has it all. Naples is also filled with 5-star golf clubs and courses. These courses can range from all different difficulties and have some of the most spectacular views along the way.

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3. Fun for the Whole Family

The entertainment in Naples doesn’t just stop with the adults. There are countless opportunities to make this a vacation to remember for the little ones as well. The Naples Zoo is home to an assortment of exotic and local wildlife and their year-round event calendar means there’s always something to do! If the kids are more hands-on, try letting them experience the area first hand. From kayaking trips to ocean day camps to snorkeling, you won’t be lacking in opportunities to get up close and personal with the local landscape.

4. The Perfect Winter Getaway

The weather in Naples is beautiful and mild all year long. This is your ideal escape from cold sweater weather. Ranging from temperatures in the high 90s to mid-60s, the weather here will please any preference. Don’t huddle up indoors away from the snow when you could be exploring local wildlife (like the Everglades) and reclining poolside in the middle of December. Soaking up sun on sandy white beaches is guaranteed to brighten those bitter cold months.

5. The Best Spas and Salons for Ultimate Relaxation

A vacation is all about letting your worries and stresses melt away. And a wonderful way to make sure that happens is with a little pampering (like scheduling a couple’s massage!). The city of Naples is here to help with 5-star spas offering a variety of massages, saunas, waxes, manicures, pedicures, and cleanses. Spending a day at the spa could be the escape from life you have been needing. It is the icing on the cake for a vacation. This is the time to spoil yourself!

The possibilities for your Naples, Florida vacation are endless and paradise is just within your reach. Start planning your Naples getaway today!