Trianon Hotels | Why You Should Choose Bonita Springs for Your Next Florida Vacation
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Why You Should Choose Bonita Springs for Your Next Florida Vacation

Known for its warm weather, sandy white beaches, exotic wildlife, and delicious seafood, the choice to take a Southwest Florida vacation is easy.  So how do you decide which SWFL city should be your home base? Well, you can’t go wrong with Bonita Springs! Bonita Springs is the largely undiscovered gem of the beautiful sunshine state. If you love shopping, uncrowded beaches, and getting up-close-and-personal with local wildlife, this could be your dream vacation destination.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons Bonita Springs should be your choice for your Florida vacation.

1. Access to High-End Boutiques and Stores

Bonita Springs is known for its close, easy access to world-class shopping. It supplies all of the retail therapy anyone could ask for. Along with the usual shops, there are a variety of local boutiques filled with one-of-a-kind items to add to your home or wardrobe. The number one place to go for shopping in Bonita is The Promenade. An outdoor/indoor shopping mall, this is the buzzing hub for all the shops and boutiques that you can spend the day exploring. It is also home to many of the city’s best restaurants to check out after working up an appetite shopping.

2. Beautiful Weather in Every Season

Bonita Springs is a year-round paradise. Temperatures rarely dip below the 60s and stay mild throughout the seasons. This is the best way to escape the bitter cold and melt away in the warm sea air. Imagine never having to worry if the weather will be nice and warm for your vacation! People come from all across the United States to retreat to Southwest Florida and hide from the winter chills. Next winter, leave the cold behind and warm up in Bonita Springs.

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3. A Dream Honeymoon or Wedding Destination

What better way to celebrate romance then on the beautiful sandy beaches of Bonita Springs? There are countless gorgeous wedding venues on and off the beach and the weather also makes this the perfect place to get married, renew vows, or disappear for a quiet honeymoon. Bonita is the ideal place to find breathtaking views for wedding photos and have an unforgettable romantic adventure.

4. Experience the Best of Local Florida Wildlife

Bonita Springs is a gateway to all kinds of different types of wildlife ranging from shells, sea life, birds, and more. Everglades National Park is a short drive away, offering unlimited opportunities to see all types of species. But you don’t have to go to the national park to enjoy the local wildlife! It can be spotted driving down the roads, kayaking through some mangrove tunnels, or even in your backyard. In Southwest Florida, you only have to walk out the door to experience some of the best that Florida has to offer.

5. It’s a Friend to Man’s Best Friend

Bonita Spring’s Dog Beach (yes, a beach exclusively designed for dogs!) attracts dog lovers from cities even beyond Bonita. It is the only beach in the area that allows dogs to be completely unleashed. Dogs can run and splash on the beach in complete freedom. The water is also shallow so it is safe for the dogs to play without fear of undertow. This beach isn’t just for dog owners, but for dog lovers too! Relaxing on vacation is key and petting dogs is said to be calming and therapeutic. With or without the family pup, the Dog Beach is a unique choice for a day out.

These are only five examples of the incredible things Bonita Springs has to offer. Check out what else you can do with your family and plan your next Florida vacation to Bonita Springs!