Trianon Hotels | The Treasures of Trianon Hotels
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The Treasures of Trianon Hotels

Trianon Hotels boasts two unbelievably unique vacation experiences. Our Bonita Bay location offers access to Southwest Florida’s most popular attractions while having one of America’s top ten beaches just right down the street, while our Naples Location is walking distance away from the luxurious downtown Naples and only minutes from nine miles of beaches! So how do you pick? There are many obvious perks to staying at either location, but there are a few things that set each of them above all the rest.

Here are three unique incentives to each location that will make it inevitable to plan a visit to both.

Trianon Bonita Bay

1. Promenade at Bonita Bay

Only a few minutes away from our Bonita Springs hotel, the Promenade at Bonita Bay features one-of-a-kind boutiques, high-end retail and salons, incomparable fine dining, and local gems that you cannot miss! This spot has everything you could want for a shopping day or a night out and the open-air, outdoor atmosphere is the best way to experience the Southwest Florida weather year-round.

2. Lake House Bar & Grill

Lake House Bar & Grill is an onsite restaurant with a simple atmosphere that allows you to really enjoy the natural beauty of Bonita Bay. While you take in the beautiful lakeside view, you can also sip on one of our many cocktails offered during happy hour! Lake House is popular to guests as well as locals for quick service, top notch food, and a relaxing mood. Plus, it’s only a few steps away from your room!

3. Onsite Fire Pit

A simple gem of the Bonita Bay hotel, the fire pit is a place to bond and reconnect. This is only one of many amenities that the Bonita Bay location offers, but it is definitely a must-visit when staying at Trianon Bonita Bay. Whether you’re visiting with the whole family or you’re on a romantic getaway, this intimate corner is a place to unwind and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

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Trianon Old Naples

1. Florida Resident Special

Do you find it difficult to pull yourself away to take a vacation? Well, who says you have to travel across the globe to get away? With a Naples staycation, your escape may be a few miles within reach! From June 1st to August 31st, Trianon Old Naples offers a special 15% discount for Florida residents. We want everyone to experience our luxury Naples location (even our neighbors)!

2. Romantic Package

Whether you’re just married, an old flame, or just a hopeless romantic, our Romantic Package is that little touch that will make your vacation extra special. What better way to kick off your getaway than by popping open a bottle of sparkling California wine and indulging in rich chocolate? We offer a special package that includes all of this just for our love birds out there!

3. Naples Pier

The Naples Fishing Pier is the heart of Naples, and it is only a few miles away from our Naples location. Surviving five hurricanes, the local pier is a hot spot for visitors as well as residents. This piece of history is home to one of the best views of the area. You can go bird watching, spot dolphins and other marine life, and finish the day with a breathtaking sunset.

Trianon Hotels offer everything you could ask for from comfortable beds to prime locations and more. These are only six out of the countless exceptional things that you will find at Trianon Hotels. Your dream vacation awaits!. The only thing left to do is choose to book your stay at Trianon Bonita Bay or Trianon Old Naples!