Trianon Hotels | Essential Travel Tips for Smoother Vacation Preparation
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Essential Travel Tips for Smoother Vacation Preparation

For all of the stress and anxiety that goes into planning a vacation, you’d never believe that they’re supposed to be about relaxation. If you’re looking for a smoother transition from the daily grind to stress-free paradise, then you’ve come to the right place. Travel tips and easy preparation are the key to beating those pre-vacation jitters. Just like any successful endeavor, you want to make sure that you have everything you need ready and waiting for you before you walk out your front door.

Here are six travel tips to help you prepare for your next getaway.

1. Research, Research, and More Research

Dive in and learn everything you can about your destination. Where are the best restaurants? What are the area’s must-dos? Are there any local events happening while you’re there (like a food and wine festival, concert, or maybe even a parade)? You don’t want to return home from your trip just to realize that you missed out on something big.

2. Assess Your Travel Needs 2 Weeks in Advance

Give yourself ample amount of time to order items online or head out for a shopping trip. The few days before you leave for a vacation can often be the most hectic and you don’t want to waste precious packing time squeezing in last minute shopping trips or rush ordering things from Amazon. Make a checklist for yourself of everything you want to pack in advance and avoid that “I think I’m forgetting something…” feeling.

3. Call Your Bank

Save yourself money and stress by taking care of this now. Call your bank and let them know your travel dates and destinations. After all, nothing will put a damper on your vacation like having your bank think your credit card has been stolen and freezing your account. (Pro-Tip: Always bring at least two cards with you to avoid incidents like this.)

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4. Check In With Your Mobile Provider

If you’re traveling to a different country, talk to your mobile provider about international rates for talking, texting, and data. See if they offer any travel plans that could save you money and find out what the penalties are for going over. Research what your signal strength might be so that you can plan ahead for any communication issues.

5. Make Printed Copies of Important Information

Sure, your cellphone and laptop are great places to store things, but where will you be if these items are lost, broken, or stolen? Make printed copies of your passport or driver’s license, credit card information, emergency phone numbers, flight and hotel information, and travel insurance details. And don’t forget to store them in a dry, safe place!

6. Leave an Itinerary and Travel Info with a Friend or Family Member

This is especially important if you’re traveling somewhere remote or with limited cellphone service – and even more so if you’re traveling solo. Leave a trusted friend or family member with all of the information they need to contact you in case of an emergency (on your end or theirs), including your flight details, hotel information and dates, local or emergency contacts, and travel insurance policy number and contact information.