Trianon Hotels | 6 Reasons to Book a Boutique Hotel for Your Vacation
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6 Reasons to Book a Boutique Hotel for Your Vacation

With their upscale accommodations and unique atmospheres, boutique hotels are one of the most popular ways to enjoy luxury travel. Give your next vacation a personalized feel. Here are six reasons why you should book a room at a boutique hotel.

1. Location, Location, Location

Due to their generally small sizes, boutique hotels aren’t exiled to the outskirts of the town you’re looking to explore. Many boutique hotels are located right in the heart of the city, only walking distance away from the best shopping and restaurants. You’ll never be far from something to do (and you’ll save plenty on transportation costs)!

2. Personalized Customer Service

With less rooms and fewer guests to keep track of, you’ll never feel like one of many! The staff in boutique hotels are able to be more readily available to you during your stay. That means they can provide meaningful, high quality service and remain more attentive to your individual needs and interests.


3. Distinctive Style and Architecture

Rather than following a generic, preset design like most hotel chains, boutique hotels are often lavishly and immaculately designed and decorated. From the artwork to the furniture to the actual architecture and foundation, boutique hotels spare no expense in cultivating unique and luxurious atmospheres.

4. Local, Insider Knowledge

As local businesses, boutique hotels can easily partner with other small businesses (such as spas, restaurants, and tour agencies) in order to provide you with the best deals and activities. Their employees also tend to be friendly and dedicated city natives with a wealth of knowledge on city hotspots and local history.

5. Relaxing, Intimate Atmosphere

You’ll receive a private, intimate experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Their smaller size and cozy environment is the perfect backdrop to your relaxing getaway. And if you’re looking to meet new people, boutique hotels have a tendency to attract a variety of travelers, as opposed to “tourists,” that are always willing to swap stories and travel tips.

6. Unique Experience

Boutique hotels are independently run and one-of-a-kind. The owners take great pride in their properties and their passion and attention to detail is obvious. Just as a city will change with the years and seasons, the hotels tend to adapt to their surroundings as well, so each stay will always have something new to offer.