Trianon Hotels | 6 Must-Have Hotel Amenities for a 5-Star Experience
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6 Must-Have Hotel Amenities for a 5-Star Experience

The devil is always in the detail. No matter what the reason is for traveling, there are certain essentials that every guest has come to expect when staying at a hotel. After all, whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, choosing a hotel comes down to comfort and convenience. Here are six hotel amenities that will help provide that coveted 5-star experience.

1. An Incredible Pool

Having an indoor or outdoor pool can be a deal breaker for guests, especially when it comes to Florida hotels. For days when the beach just seems a little too far, easy poolside access should always be available for guests to relax and soak up the sun. At Trianon Bonita Bay, we know the importance of a quality pool. That’s why we have the only south-facing pool in the Bonita area – which means longer, sunnier pool days.

2. Complimentary Wi-Fi

It’s 2017 and hotels are going to find it pretty difficult to get away with charging guests for Internet use. In fact, Wi-Fi fees are one of the most common hotel complaints and could end up chasing away future business (especially for company retreats or conventions). Guests will expect free access to a strong, secure internet connection that will allow them to go about any necessary activities, from video chatting to streaming Netflix to answering work emails.

3. A Business Center

For the business leaders of the world, a hotel business center can be a lifesaver. While business centers vary from hotel to hotel, they will generally provide a designated area with desks, printers, scanners, and possibly a few desktop computers. That way, guests will always have access to Internet and be able to print documents, scan receipts, or whatever else they need.

4. Onsite Dining

For a truly 5-star hotel experience, nothing should ever be out of reach. Offer your guests an onsite dining and bar experience so that a warm, freshly-cooked meal is always available. An onsite restaurant is the perfect way to bring friends and family together as well as to invite local residents into your hotel to provide a friendlier, more accessible atmosphere.

5. A Fitness Center

Just because your hotel is an oasis doesn’t mean it shouldn’t offer access to basic exercise equipment. Plenty of guests continue their workout routines even when they’re away from home and they’ll require tools like weights and treadmills to do so. Don’t inconvenience your guests with things like locating local gyms and having to pay a visiting fee. Also, make sure that the size of your fitness center is appropriate for the size of your hotel so that guests aren’t stuck waiting around for the equipment to be available.

6. Room Service

What is a quintessential hotel experience without room service, anyway? If you really want to wow your guests, bring in an expertly trained chef who can provide a mix of classics (like hamburgers and ice cream sundaes) as well as some unique menu items that will keep guests coming back for more. After a long day enjoying the local area and whatever other activities your hotel has to offer, nothing says “5 stars” like a warm, delicious meal that you don’t have to get out of bed for.