Trianon Hotels | 5 Luxury Travel Trends You Need to Embrace
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5 Luxury Travel Trends You Need to Embrace

The travel industry is constantly evolving and 2017 promises to be no different. This year, don’t let yourself fall behind. Embrace everything that the travel industry has to offer so that you can make the most of your next getaway. Whether you prefer international or domestic travel, mountain slopes or beachside sunsets, here are five luxury travel trends that you need to embrace.

1. Using Your Vacation Days

Vacation shaming is a thing of the past. Project: Time Off has been heading the research efforts to show all of the positive benefits of travel on success and productivity and it’s all paying off. More and more, employees (and employers!) are beginning to take notice of the strong correlation between wellness and vacation days. Leave any vacation guilt back in 2016 where it belongs and take advantage of every moment of paid time off that you get. Don’t let another year pass where those hours go unclaimed.

2. Trip Advisors

In an age of so many articles, blogs, and reviews, vacation planning is beginning to feel more stressful than the daily routines we’re trying to escape from. Rather than overwhelm yourself by worrying about what’s “better,” ask a trip advisor what’s best for you. These travel experts will know how to curate a unique experience that’s perfectly customized to your needs and desires. Give yourself the freedom to focus on relaxation and let an expert handle the rest.

3. Sail Away

Yachting and sailing adventures have often been thought to be far beyond the average American’s budget. But new businesses like adventure-travel company Intrepid Travel are setting out to change that by offering more affordable sailing trips. More travelers can ditch the cliché cruises and embrace a more authentic form of on-the-water transport. With smaller, more intimate travel groups, you can step away from tourist-trap resorts and get up close and personal with local culture.

4. Boutique Hotels

Say goodbye to the days of massive resorts, filled to the brim with guests and offering the same generic activities you can get anywhere else. If you haven’t started traveling with boutique hotels, 2017 is the year to get started. With their intimate size and stylish decorations, boutique hotels allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, wherever you’re visiting. Click here to see our article on six reasons you should book a boutique hotel for your vacation.

5. Reinvention of Luxury

In the past few years, luxury has taken on an almost negative connotation, calling to mind images of gold-leaf interiors and over-expensive suites. At the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in December, the world’s top travel experts discussed a changing of the tides. According to Gary Murphy of AmaWaterways, 2017 is all about “defining your own luxury.” Whether you’re relaxing on white sand beaches or camping in the wilderness without electricity, luxury is going back to its roots to focus on rarity and emotional value.